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Mini 1


Architecture is the most general concept synonymous with engineering and deals with the way global perspective on urbanism and landscape architecture through the classical buildings to design individual details such as garden or housing architecture. In the strict sense of the word refers to the structure that holds the some concept art or opinion. It expresses the artistic rendition buildings, their style and the way they were constructed. Architecture is understood as a work of art that is both a cultural and political symbol period.


Urbanism is an architectural discipline whose goal is not to design individual houses, but project residential units (town, village) as a functional and balanced units. And the development and regulation of the development of cities, rural settlements and landscapes. It seeks a direction to the optimal development of settlement structures, harmonious arrangement of the territory, maintaining ecological balance and protection of the cultural heritage to ensure continuous development.


Design combines the most efficient functional and aesthetic aspects of the proposed subject. Therefore requires both technical skills and knowledge of art and currently closely linked with the promotion and advertising.